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Even though the type of roof is a necessary factor to consider, it is sometimes difficult to determine what lies beneath! When looking for a qualified and experienced contractor, what is below the surface contributes a lot to how long your roof will last! The nature of materials (shingles) used on the top may not really be as important as whether framing was put up before installing them–an essential step that few contractors consider. Our qualified engineers can help you figure that out. Call us now to schedule a free consultation today.

Parts of the roof are listed below:

  • Sheathings or decking
  • Underlayment or felt papers
  • Insulation materials (installation)

Components of the roof include 

  • Fascia Board
  • Soffit
  • Gutter
  • Downpipe
  • Ridge Tile
  • Roofing Felts

Fascia: The facia is the protrusion at the edge of the roof which aids in preventing water from spilling onto the sides during rainstorms. They are usually made of aluminium or wood determined by what your house is built with but they can as well be made out of steel in some cases. You can install it (fascia boards) to the front and around the sides of the roof to protect it from damage by water. In some cases, they can also be made out of steel. 

These are the things we consider during fascia installation:

  • the type of roofing 
  • the available space
  • whether adjustments need to be made for water drainage or ventilation.
  • installation of fascia board, which is a process that includes cutting strips from a plank and nailing them on in an overlapping style (metal clips may also be included – these do not require nails) 
  • installing back flashing at the base of the fascia boards, and this includes a rubber sealant

We first install the fascia and then the boards are nailed to it. We can use plywood, vinyl, or aluminum for roofing material – it depends on your preference! Fascia boards come in a variety of shapes: some are curved on one long side straight on the other side.
We install the
Soffits to hold any water that is dripping off your roof. To ensure the effectiveness of the soffits, a rubber sealant is used. Depending on your choice, the materia can either be aluminum or vinyl – and it is not difficult to change them out in the future if the need arises

We make some considerations in installation of soffits, they are 

  • the pitch or position of your roof (which is measured by numbers and “degrees”) – a higher degree translates to a steeper roof, and the steeper your roof, the smaller the soffits will be.
  • the number of storeys you have on your home or building
  • the size or dimension of the room where installation will take place – when it concerns room dimension/measurements and storeys on your home or building, we carry out adjustments for where the space is not adequate to fit a taller piece of material.

Roof flashings are those metal strips that are attached to roof joints to ensure a watertight seal. They can be found on any type of roof, and if properly installed, makes it practically impossible for water to get into your home or building. However, if not installed correctly or the existing ones are old and rusty, that area can give rise to leaks – so ensure you know how flashings work before handling a new installation!

Roof coating materials include asphalt and acrylic sealants, although other materials can also be used for roof coating. To stop water from gathering at any one location on the slanted or sloped surfaces, we can install Gutter guards around all four sides of a building’s perimeter. They also serve to reduce rain splashback caused by wind that will lead to pools of ice forming under shingles which causes problems inside your home or building, like dripping ceilings, rot in wooden eaves and leaks in your plumbing when it freezes outside during winter.

Roof window is a type of roofing that is becoming more common amongst home owners – specifically in older homes where people are not willing to go with a complete overhaul. We can install roof windows on top of your existing roof, therefore they are low maintenance (you need not bother about replacement) and have the possibility of providing light into any room below them. However, they require ventilation for free air flow, but putting one in the bedroom or living room won’t take up too much space at all! 

Eaves: The eaves of a gable-style house enables water to drip down during rainstorms, and this area can be quite susceptible to damage so it is imperative that homeowners get their roofs inspected regularly and repaired or replaced when needed.

Shingles are the most fundamental part of a roof, and there are a number of choices to pick from when time for replacements comes. The most appropriate type for you will depend on factors like price and climate. For instance, wooden shingles are great for ventilation and also good insulators but they can be costly; metal roofs appear cheaper initially but they take a longer time to install than their equivalent. When you have doubts about the nature of shingle or other material that is most appropriate for your home, consult an expert, give us a call!

Ridge cap: The ridge cap has a particular way of installation which prevents it from being visible from outside, it comes in a variety of types which you can customize your home with based on what suits you best. Case in point, if you want something beautifully appealing then plastic caps will work fine since they are light and uncomplicated to install, metal ones however might be better for those in need of extra protection against water damage or fire. There is also a hip-top roof, often used when erecting new structures since it is easier to build a big structure without any seams; sadly the ridge cap comes at the cost of lower insulation levels. Mansard style roof is a popular choice among homeowners, and it may include dormers for additional living space. This roof is a very decorative option with slanted sides and often used in French architecture.

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