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Roofs can suffer from a number of different issues like water damage or storm damage. To keep chimneys clean and safe for use requires regular maintenance. It does not matter if you are in need of roof repair services or chimney repair services, we are the right roofing company for you! We begin by providing you with a detailed estimate for roof repair work to be done so there are no surprises when you get the bill at the end.

As soon as we ascertain the total cost, our team of professionals will come up with a detailed plan of what materials that would need to be purchased, to be repaired, to be installed and/or replaced in order to maintain the integrity and safety of your property. This is key not just from a structural standpoint but also from an aesthetic one as well – one bad storm could mess up months (if not years) worth.

Lately there has been extensive discussion about the nature of substances lying under your shingle at this very moment, on top of your home’s deck, that might lead to serious problems if you are unaware before needing repairs or replacement. There exists different layers of a roof that require inspection for possible problems.

We need to inspect the flashing around ventilation pipes and the chimney, shingles on the exterior, as well as the covering or boards beneath the shingles. It is imperative to inspect these areas because fluids or moisture can pass through there too!

Roof repair is important in a lot of cases. An unwritten rule is that if the roof has been damaged or appears to have lost its integrity, then there is need for repair before any more damage occurs.

Ideally we perform roof repairs when:

  • leaking occurs in your home or building 
  • chimneys or siding need repair as a result of water coming in contact with them 
  • powerful winds and/or storms occurred in recent times (these events sometimes lead to structural or systemic damages)
  • Moss growth occurs on the roof surface, therefore we advise you subscribe to our yearly maintenance service combined with bottle brush cleaning for better protection and prevention against future problems such as this! 
  • damage happens to the roof around it
  • there is leaking on the mortar joints, brick work, flashing or some other area close by (due to them coming in contact with water) 
  • a fire occurs and causes structural damages that require substantial repair before we can proceed to doing anything else! 

There is a lot of work to be done when repairing roofs, which includes: 

  • debris removal from the deck
  • damage examination to ascertain the severity, and 
  • damaged components repair or replacement.

Roof decks will need work to be done on them if they have been damaged or are covered in moss. Moss damage in roofs is as a result of the roof being kept damp or moistened. It is pertinent to remember that moss may grow after a leak or an issue with the roof’s flashing.

If you notice that your Fascia boards are sagging or warped then they may need replacing.

Chimney Repair

When the chimney has suffered water damage, the mortar joints have degenerated or your chimney’s flashing has experienced damage, this is when we perform chimney repairs. Usually, chimney repairs sometimes lead homeowners into problems because most individuals don’t know the proper functioning of these structures and when they need maintenance. The fact is that chimneys require regular cleaning by professionals like us who are experienced in getting rid of all debris and difficult creosote buildup. Added to that, you should get professionals like us to inspect your chimney at least once every year for the purpose of finding any possible problems before they worsen or start causing damage elsewhere on the property.

There is a process to repair chimneys and they include; removing all debris, scrap or chaff from the inside and outside – this explains that bricks will be fragmented to prevent them from falling back into place and causing future problems. We then produce new mortar for any cracks found on the external surface then repointing the necessary area. Another service we offer is Chimney repointing: this has the capacity to save you money on future expenses like installing a new brickwork inside your fireplace which was probably damaged by exposure to extreme heat.

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