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Roof Leak

Shed roofs are installed by putting felt paper on the roof deck. The felt is usually covered with asphalt shingles. Shed roof repair can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. 

What problems occur in Shingle Roofs 

Shingles roofs are a type of roof installed using a type of material which is called shingles. These roofs are usually the most affordable and offer an efficient solution for your roofing needs – however, that also means these can wear out faster than other options. Shingles are installed with nails designed specifically for this type of material which means they’re easy enough to repair with nail guns using these nails as well. Shingles are installed in a staggered pattern to allow water to drain from the roof.

  • The most common problems with shingle roofs is improper installation, such as when nails and staples don’t have tabs on them or if they were not hammered down enough after installation. 
  • Another problem that occurs with shingles is improperly applied shingles, such as when the nails are not hammered down all the way or if they were not installed properly.
  • Shingle roofs are prone to leaks, especially in the valleys and other low areas where water can pool.
  • Shingle roofs are also prone to loosened or missing shingles due to deteriorating roof nails.

Problems with shingles include 

  • Shingles can be damaged by hail, high winds, and other storms that leave them loosened or even missing.
  • ice dams
  • wind damage
  • Moisture damage 
  • loose or missing shingles which may need to be replaced by new ones
  • broken pieces of roof flashing which should also be replaced quickly before they cause leaks. 
  • Buckling and curving sheets of material 
  • Sagging from rafters due to gravity pulling down heavy materials onto these areas where the leak has occurred. 

What happens when these issues arise? 

Particularly if they’re made of organic material such as wood which may rot over time, these structural damages need to be fixed quickly in order to stop moisture from seeping into the home’s interior on top of any already existent water stains – though a skilled professional will know how best to address this kind of issue. In some cases it could also mean replacing an entire section of the existing roof with new shingles since whole sections often become loose at once when one row tears. The solution is usually to remove the damaged shingle and replace it with a replacement piece of asphalt-impregnated paper (tar) felt or synthetic material such as polyester which has been cut to fit over the shingle. Shingle roof can be repaired by replacing the broken or damaged shingles with new ones, but also sealing up any leaks and cracks that may have been caused by weather damage to the roof. 

How Shingle Roofs are repaired

The roofing contractor will remove any loose or missing shingles, then take a replacement piece of tar paper and cut it to size so that one edge is larger than the other. Our roofers will also remove any broken pieces of roofing flashing before attaching new pieces in place using special fasteners called nails, screws and metal brackets depending on where they go. Then we will install an “underlayment” which can be made from asphalt felt or synthetic material beneath the new repair area – again cutting it to fit around each individual shingle as needed. Once this step is complete, sealant such as silicone may be applied for additional protection against leaks caused by moisture getting underneath these materials. This will ensure that the roof is restored for years to come.

Roof Repair Options

There are many different ways this type of roof is repaired but we’ll go over some common ones below. These include applying a new layer of shingles or installing metal flashing around the perimeter that will allow water flow away from your home instead of under it. 

  • Sealant: If there are small cracks in the shingles, it’s possible for water to seep through and cause more damage. A sealant can be applied to help fix this issue! Tip: Make sure you’re using quality sealant as well (it should last at least two years). 
  • Metal Flashing: Metal flashing will serve a similar purpose as above – allowing any leaking water to escape properly. Metal flashing could be damaged.

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